Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in No Waste Compost L3C!

1. Who We Are

Our mission is to collect and divert organic material from landfills, thereby creating a valuable resource for the local gardening and agricultural community. We aim to give local residents the ability to give back to the community what we borrow from the community. We strive to provide you with the best possible service and are committed to subscriber satisfaction. The following terms are meant to help us meet those goals and to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  

Starting on the day of your initial bucket drop, (Which will occur on the next pickup day following your signup), the following written obligations and responsibilities will be effective between No Waste Compost L3C. ( “No Waste Compost”) and our customer (referred to in this agreement as “you”).

2. What We Will Do and When

No Waste Compost will provide the following services to you:

  • On Initial Bucket Drop Day, No Waste Compost will deliver a clean compost bucket and lid to your registered address.

  • The day we will pick up your residential (“Pick-Up Day”) is outlined in your Welcome Email in the calendar portion.

  • Every week, every other week, or every month, as indicated by you in Registration, on Pick-Up Day, No Waste Compost will remove your full compost bucket between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

3. What You Will Do and When

No Waste Compost will pick up your compostable materials and haul it to a local receiver, ensuring a closed loop food use system, to achieve this you will do the following;

▪ You will place compostable materials in the bucket, limited to fruits and veggies; eggshells; bread, grains, and pasta; coffee grounds, filters, and teabags; biodegradable café items; nuts and spices; napkins and paper towels; compostable cutlery; laundry lint; small yard clippings; and flowers. Meats and other products labeled compostable only in commercial facilities can be included unless specifically opted out of.

  • You will NOT place non-compostable materials in the bucket, such as plastic, rubber, metal, or anything else that doesn’t biodegrade

  • You will place the bucket full of compostable material at the designated location each Pick-Up Day before 8 a.m.

  • You will keep your bucket lidded when outdoors.

  • If you have not signed up for bucket cleaning service, you are responsible for your buckets cleanliness.

  • You will inform neighbors, garbage collectors, landlords, housemates, and anyone else who might be interested about the presence of the buckets and what they are used for.

  • You may be billed $6 by No Waste Compost for any buckets that go missing or broken.

  • No Waste Compost will not pick up compostable material exceeding the size of the 5 gallon bucket provided, unless you are signed up for additional services. If No Waste Compost hauls compostable material that exceeds the subscribed pickup plan, an overhaul fee may be placed on your account at a rate of $1 per every gallon that exceeds the subscribed pickup plan.

4. Cost

The following outlines what pick-up and payment plan you selected.

▪ Your promise to pay No Waste Compost pick-up fees corresponding to your Registration. You must pay online using our recurring payment system unless requested otherwise and approved by staff. Payments will be processed on the day you signed up and every month following on that same date.

  • You may pay for a full year subscription in one payment by indicating this at the time of payment.

  • Your first payment to No Waste Compost covers the initial bucket drop-off. This payment is necessary to cover administrative and logistical fees related to setting up your account.

  • No Waste Compost will email you an invoice periodically indicating what and when your next payment is due.

  • No Waste Compost may adjust its rates on one month’s advanced notice to you.

  • If a refund has been requested and approved, then a portion of the refund will be withheld to cover online transaction fees.

5. Extraordinary Circumstances

  • If you want to end OR temporarily suspend your composting relationship with No Waste Compost Compost at any time, you may do so through the Moonclerk account settings page provided to you in your initial signup email.

  • If you end your composting relationship with No Waste Compost, please place your bin out curbside like you would on a normal pickup day so that we can reclaim your bucket.

  • If you do not pay your invoice for No Waste Compost’s services  within 30 days from the date the invoice is sent to you, No Waste Compost may end this agreement immediately.

  • Either you or No Waste Compost may end this agreement at any time and for any reason.

  • No Waste Compost reserves the right to cancel service on any given day due to extreme weather, unsafe road conditions, holidays, or circumstances beyond our control. You will be notified of such cancellation at least 12 hours prior to your Pick-Up Day, and your account will not be charged.

  • Any matters relating to the cancellation or suspension of service will be made via email.

  • If there is any dispute over quality of services, timing of services, or any other compost- pick-up-related issue please email us immediately so that we may rectify the issue.

  • If you lose, break, or do anything to require needing a second 5 gallon bucket after the first one was provided, we may charge you $5 or more (wholesale cost) to replace the bucket.

6. Warranty

No Waste Compost will provide the services listed in this agreement and meet its obligations using the same or better standards of care used by other service providers in the area.

7. Limitation of Liability

No Waste Compost is not responsible for what happens with its buckets once you have them, so please use them responsibly with regard to your neighbors and local wildlife. No Waste Compost is not responsible for the contents and use of the material for which you compost after it has been delivered to the compost receiver.