Composting can be dirty work!
We highly recommend using our cleaning services.
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Clean Bucket on every pickup

$12    -      Weekly
$6    -  Bi-Weekly
$3    -     Monthly

Bucket Lined on every pickup

$3    -      Weekly
$2    -  Bi-Weekly
$1     -     Monthly


Compostable Bags / Liners for Sale:

We strive to offer compostable liners at the most affordable rate. We will also deliver them to you on your next pickup date for no extra cost! Liners come in rolls of 25.

8 gallon x 25 - $7.00
3 gallon x 25 - $5.50

*8 gallon liners are the ideal fit for 5-gallon buckets
*3 or 1.5 gallon liners are ideal for transporting daily food scraps into the bucket

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