Member Rewards


To encourage our entire community to reduce and reuse food waste,
No Waste Compost is proud to announce our rewards program.

For every 1 new customer you sign up,
you will receive 1 FREE month of compost pickup!

How To:

  • Simply have any new customer fill in your full name on their signup form where it asks "How did you hear about us?"
  • Every time we receive your full name in a new signup, you will receive 1 credit towards your next month's service.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Limited to 5 discount credits at a time / 5 months of free compost
  • Referrals must include first and last name of a current member for that member to receive the discount credit
  • The free month of service must be for the next yet-to-be-paid month
  • Monthly subscriber's automatic payments will be skipped until their credits run out, then regular payments resume.
  • Yearly subscribers will receive the next yet-to-be-paid month of service for free or a proportionate discount off their next full year subscription
  • Does not apply to cleaning services or the cost of extra buckets