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Make the most of your waste.


Per Month

Weekly Pickups

( $3.46 / pickup ) 


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Bi-Weekly Pickups

( $4.61 / pickup )


Per Month

Monthly Pickups

( $7 / pickup )

*Price may vary based on location*


Many have heard that Act 148 requires all Vermont residents to stop sending food scraps to the landfill by July, 2020.

No Waste Compost intends to meet that new demand with efficient, community-focused infrastructure today.

Join us in our mission to make an affordable and responsible composting service for all of Vermont.


About NWC

No Waste Compost started with a simple idea: nothing should go to waste. With this in mind, founders Jake Wollman and Cameron Scott set out to develop a system for properly disposing of waste food scraps and organic materials that would have otherwise found their way to a landfill.

By providing a free receptacle and offering an affordable and responsible means of collection and disposal, No Waste Compost functions as a much needed service in the cycle of food production and waste reuse. We keep business local to ensure that our composted material is benefiting our community in as many ways as possible.

From providing soil for local farms and community gardens, to preventing pollution in water run-off, No Waste Compost stays true to the Vermont values of community, sustainability, and environmental stewardship by means of waste reuse. With several pickup options, flexible scheduling, and a variety of resources and information, we strive to offer the best possible customer service to our clients. 

We currently divert over 18,000 pounds of compostable waste away from the landfill every month with only 1 employee and vehicle.

Please join us in our efforts to create a better world, a healthier environment and a more engaged and connected community.

Jake Wollman - Founder, Compost Enthusiast

Jake Wollman - Founder, Compost Enthusiast

Cameron Scott - Owner, Waste Hauler, Music Enthusiast

Cameron Scott - Owner, Waste Hauler, Music Enthusiast


Client Testimonals

Below are some kind words from a handful of our valued and satisifed compost clients:


"This compost pick up service is amazing! Having the bucket provided and weekly pick up for just $12 a month is such a steal and such a good cause. Having the stress of dropping compost off taking away, there's no reason to not compost."

    -Sadie Goldfarb

"Like most college kids, we’re all trying to save money while being environmentally conscious! No Waste Compost made it super to accomplish my goal of composting, and I couldn't ask for a better price or nicer people."

    -Haley Creamer


"Easy, affordable and a weight off my mind and shoulders."

    -Morgan LaChance


"Knowing that my food waste is benefiting the broader community instead of rotting in some landfill alone makes it worth it for me. No Waste Compost really filled a needed niche in our lives and we are so thankful."

    -Hannah Bosley