Q: What is compostable?

A: If its edible, we can compost it! We take all food scraps, beverages, condiments, fats, oils, egg shells, nuts, garden scraps, and fruit skins (but please remove the stickers!). We also accept all uncoated paper and cardboard including pizza boxes, uncoated paper plates, paper towels, coffee filters, napkins and paper bags. Please recycle cardboard, unless it is spoiled with other food waste or oils. Additionally, we accept all forms of yard debris excluding wood and branches! For more information on what is accepted please visit the CSWD list of accepted items.

If you are using compostable “plastic” wear and other products, please ensure it is either third-party tested to meet the standards ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868, or has a BPI certified compostable logo. If a product does not meet these standards, we do not haul it and we do not recommend attempting to compost such a products in a home compost.

Q: How do I change my address?

 A: If you're planning on continuing our pickup service, but are moving to a new address simply send us a message about your move and any other changes you would like to make.

Q: Where do you take our compost?

A: No Waste Compost brings our compost to a variety of locations. Primarily, we dispose at the licensed CSWD drop-off locations including Green Mountain Compost. Additionally, we are working to partner with local farms and community gardens to provide them with compost material, improving productivity and capacity creating a closed loop food production, consumption and disposal system. 

Q: How can I cancel or upgrade my service?

A1: Please send us a message and let us know any changes you would like to make.

A2: After you signup for our services, you will receive an email from our recurring payment service, "Moonclerk". At the bottom of this email, there is a link that reads "Manage Your Plan".  From here, you can cancel your payment plan if you need to.

Q: Can I use compostable bags in my bucket?

A: Yes, but make sure they are truly compostable.  This means they are either third-party tested to meet ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868, or has a BPI certified compostable logo.

Please do not tie knots with your compostable bags as they will not break down in a timely manner.

Beware of certain Amazon products that are not certified compostable! Many “affordable” products claim to be compostable but do not have any certifications.   Additionally, if you elect to have your compost go to a local farm, they cannot accept these compostable products as they may not have the capacity or conditions necessary to break them down.

Q: Can I use "biodegradable" products?

A: No!  "Biodegradable" is not synonymous with "compostable".  Although a product may biodegrade within 20 years, it would not be compostable in a facility that must break down waste into a useable product within a few months. However, biodegradable garbage bags are a good choice for landfilling waste instead of using a plastic garbage bag.