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For pick-up in Burlington, VT
* South of College St. *

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Why should you choose No Waste - Compost?

No Waste Compost is the most affordable compost pick-up for households. Our specialization in densely populated residential areas allows us to beat the prices of larger waste management companies.

By 2020, all Vermont residents will be required to compost food scraps (Act 148).  Without any funding for new infrastructure, the cost to compost is expected to fall directly on our communities.

Although Act 148 passed without funding, according to the ANR "$20 million is needed over the next 9 years to support organics processing infrastructure, and another $17 million is needed for trucks and carts to collect both recyclables and organics."

We started two years early to help alleviate Vermont's transition to mass composting.  Our community insight allows us to streamline your compostables to the closest processing plant in need, so we all save our time and money.